Two Hour Wargames material

This is a page dedicated to Two Hour Wargame's Chain Reaction rules for their World War 2 game NUTS!

NUTS 3.0 Ranged Combat Flow Chart  A visual chart showing the process of the shooting rules.

NUTS 3.0 Tank Combat Flow Chart  A visual chart showing the process of firing tank gun.

NUTS Penetration Table:  Gives a non-sanctioned alternate penetration for armor vehicles and buildings.

NUTS! 2 Points Costs:  An expanded version of Ed's point values for figures and other things in NUTS! Second Edition.

Going Beyond the Table:  A NUTS! article shows how to use and create maps that represent more than one table.  A few possibilities of using Platoons and Companies in NUTS! and even how to simulate a large battle using a calculator.  A system for Company advancement and failure, some pre-battle prepping, more NUTS! attributes & Skills and some Urban Environmental Events.

Kelly's Heroes: This is a NUTS! game of the movie Kelly's Heroes.

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